Freitag, Juli 08, 2005


Opera – don’tcha hate it?
Yes, I do hate opera.
I hate having to organize my life six months in advance.
I hate having to enclose stamped addressed envelopes.
I hate everyone in the audience who knows less than me (they’re fools).
I hate everyone in the audience who knows more than me (they’re pretentious).
I hate everyone in front of me in the coffee queue.
I hate Callas bores, Jessye Norman groupies, and everyone who insists that the good recordings are those which are so old that the music is inaudible.
I hate all singers who are rivals to my own favourites.
I hate critics who disagree with me (they’re wrong).
I hate opinionated people …
I hate people who insist that operas I don’t know are neglected masterpieces.
I hate people who don’t realize that Der ferne Klang is a masterpiece …
I hat Alden and Fielding …
I hate boring, old fashioned productions.
I hate people who write stupid letters to Opera.
I think of myself as a typical opera lover.

Toller, O., Opera –don’tcha hate it?’, Opera, June 1990: 649.


Muckel hat gesagt…

Gut, dass ich kein Operngänger bin, sonst wäre ich bestimmt ein fool. Ich hábs jetzt mal zu meinen Gunsten so verstanden, dasss nur die Menschen gemeint sind die da regelmässig hingehen - mal abgesehen von der Kaffeeschlange.

失踪 hat gesagt…

der ist sicherlich etwas eingebildet.

Muckel hat gesagt…

Ja klar, aber man fühlt sich einfach immer angesprochen.